Rehabilitation Care at Home

A person’s well-being is dependent on many factors such as the control of symptoms, level of independence, functional ability, ability to communicate, psychological and emotional state, degree of self confidence and self-esteem and the ability to cope. Patients post orthopedic transplants, healing fractures, chronic bedridden patients need good rehabilitation care. Supportive treatment helps in early recovery, and prevents permanent disability. Rehabilitation and Palliative care is not just for cancer patients. It extends its services to patients suffering from chronic respiratory disease and failure, congestive cardiac failure, renal insufficiency patients, patients on ventilators, neurosurgical patients, dementia and post stroke patients. During their journey of illness, our team provides continuum of clinical and pain management in the critically ill settings, during the transition from curative management to pain and palliative care and end-of-life care in the terminally ill stages. Our team has utilized this opportunity of caring the incurable patients by aggressively intervening the difficult pains and complex symptoms at the end-of-life. Support for neurosurgical patients is provided by giving full rehabilitation program by nurses and doctors specially trained in post stroke care and managing symptom control.