Pain Relief at Home

Pain is complex and multi-dimensional and requires a multi-disciplinary team approach to address the many different dimensions of the pain experience. More than 90% of cancer patients have pain and if it is not managed properly, it leads to poor quality of life. Opioids are able to control cancer pain in most of the cases. Celiac plexus neurolysis, Superior Hypogastric Nerve block, Ganglion Impar Block, Intrathecal Morphine pump, Spinal cord Stimulator, Radiofrequency procedures are some of the interventions, we do for cancer patients. Our team of doctors and nurses are very expert in titration of pain medicines like oral morphine, fentanyl patch.

It is All about Teamwork. This is our team of dedicated super specialist doctors caring for Pain and Palliative Care Services in Cancer Patients. Many different drugs, both prescribed and non prescribed are used to treat chronic pain. It is important to let your health professional know all the medicines you are taking (including herbal and other complementary medicines) to avoid dangerous drug interactions. Oral morphine is the gold standard for treatment of Cancer pain. Our team and doctors are very expert in prescribing opioids for cancer pain. Before that the patient or their attendants have to sign a disclaimer form and consent form for keeping oral opioids.