Pain And Palliative Care Services

Initially palliative care aimed to relieve symptoms at end of life, however now it has moved to impacting earlier on in disease progression when there is more rehabilitation potential. There is also now more psychological understanding, bringing an aim to motivate patients into helping themselves until they die.

Palliative care focuses the patients suffering from serious diseases, It is an important medical care approach to improve the quality of life of  patients with chronic diseases like cancer, heart failure, AIDS, Neurological problems etc.

Pain and palliative care services

  • Excellent, evidence based medical treatments
  • Vigorous care of pain and symptoms throughout illnesses
  • care the patients want at the same time as effort to cure or prolong life

palliative care helps maintain quality of life and reduce illness symptoms and recent findings suggested that patients with chronic diseases, who receive palliative care alongside standard treatments can live longer. 

Dardsatya Pain and palliative care centre provides quality services, we have a good team of palliative care specialist ,