I’m A Carer

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Do you have to care for someone and many questions are left unanswered in your mind regarding the best interest of the patient?

You can talk to our doctors and nursing staff regarding how to take care for patient at home. Consultations on phone and home visit can be done.

Do you think providing the best possible support to your patient is taking a toll on you?

We understand that taking care of a person in a family who is not self dependent or near the end of his life, is difficult both physically and emotionally. At times it is important to take help of health care personnel who can help you to tide over the crisis. You can take consultation from palliative care team to help you to adapt to the need of the patient. They can guide you for further equipments, paramedical staff needed to cope up with the situation.

If I am not able to care at home, do I have any other option?

Yes, hospice care.

What is a hospice?

It is a philosophy of care for the patients comfort rather than the disease management. It can be done at home, hospital or stand alone institution to take care of the patients who are difficult to manage by caregivers at their home and they think they need supportive medical care for the management of symptoms of terminally ill or sick patients. It is supervised by a palliative care physician along with well trained paramedical staff.