Care of Bed Ridden Patient at Home


It is a tedious task to care for a person or a family member at home who is confined to bed. It will become a lot more easy if you consider yourself at his place and think about how you would have liked your care to be. Here are some quick points to consider:

  1. Personal hygiene: bath / body sponging daily, use of diaper and changing it at least twice a day, care of catheter (if present), regular trimming of beard/ moustache, hair combing , dental and oral hygiene
  2. General hygiene: changing bed sheet daily or when soiled, keep the room clean, use room freshener, use hand sanitizer before and after touching the person.
  3. Comfort : keeping body dry and warm, adequate cushioning, adequately lighted room, television, music
  4. Try to maintain as normal a daily routine for the person and the family as possible e.g. washing hands prior to meals, try to serve meals along with other family members, so that person does not feel isolated.
  5. Time off: Take help of health care professionals to take some time off for yourself to prevent burn out.
  6. Prevention and care of bed sore: avoid pressure over bony prominences, use of air / water mattress, 2 hourly position change, keep the skin dry using talcum powder.
  7. Medication and diet: prepare a medication chart, prefer home-made meal preparations over formula feeds, make meals as per person’s choice, keep the menu nutritious and interesting.

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