Care at Home

a. Reasons of home care

“We die in the society we create”. A crowd attending a palliative care conference comprising of doctors, nurses volunteers were asked, “where would you like to spend your last days?”. Surprisingly all of them answered at their home amongst their loved ones.
Homecare provides support for the patient as well as the family members. Palliative care at home makes life comfortable for the patient. If you are getting an expert at home, the advantages are comparable to hospital admission.

b. Multidisciplinary approach

Palliative care takes care of total pain. It takes care of patients psychosocial issues, symptom control and disease management. Palliative care consists of a team of palliative care physician, pain management team, psychologist, social worker and primary care physician working to make the patient’s life comfortable.

c. Telemedicine: The future

A patient’s confidence in his physician gets magnified when his doctor gives his number to patient to call in case of any emergency. It’s a boost for the patient, his faith increases in the system increases.
Telemedicine allows the doctor to practice irrespective of place. He is updated about the patient condition & the best possible advice is provided in case of emergency. Telemedicine with advanced phone and computers is no more a dream but a reality.

d. Symptoms managed at home

Not all medical conditions of your cancer suffering near ones need to be rushed to hospital. Most of these problems can be easily managed with some advice and over the counter drugs. This saves on treatment costs and the inconvenience. Call us for further details……